Company Overview

Company Overview

Pacifico Energy Group Limited, (PACIFICO), is a BVI registered, International Energy Resources Strategic Advise and Development Company.

PACIFICO’S in depth understanding on Industrial Utilization, Processing and Marketing for hydrocarbons, allows our Company to create, as Strategic Advisor, Special Purpose Vehicles to facilitate the cooperation between Natural Resources Producing Countries in Africa, Asia andLatin America, with the Expertise and Financial Capability of International Investors, Technical Advisors and EPC Contractors.

While remaining faithful to our core business interest on Hydrocarbon development, utilization and Industrialization, we are developing additional business opportunities, such as Clean Fuels through Agriculture, including Ethanol from Sugar cane and Cassava in Colombia, and Bio Diesel from Palm Oil and Jatropha in Colombia, Nigeria and Ghana.

Business Strategy

PACIFICO’S administrative, technical and operating “Alliance” teams work together to evaluate, acquire, develop, process and operate oil and gas fields with initial emphasis on Africa and South America, with the objective to building the right Utilization and Processing Plants to produce the planned products destined for the  World markets.

This strategy opens the doors for numerous additional opportunities worldwide for significant, interrelated industrial and commercial development opportunities.

We firmly adhere to our belief in “Satisfying a Need” first, Create Social Benefit, Create Political Capital, Deliver Technical Credibility and Commercial success as our formula for success in Project Development.

Our Vision

Our vision is to implement the appropriate technologies while preserving and protecting the environment. We employ indigenous expertise, thereby empowering the local communities. We respect the host communities and operate as a responsible corporate citizen, adhering to the health & safety requirements of operations.

Mission Statement

Secure reliable access to cost effective hydrocarbon resources to be developed, produced and supplied in an environmentally responsible manner. Our philosophy is to monetize crude oil and gas resources. We recognize the host communities as key stake holders and see effective community empowerment programs as critical to our business success.