Preserve & Protect the Environment

Preserve and Protect the EnvironmentWhy Latin America & Africa?

Exploration: Under explored “off shore” opportunities.
Economics: Good contracts*
* predicated upon well thought fiscal terms
Potential: Big size fields & reserves
Politics: Increasingly stable

PACIFICO believes that in order to discover significant sized oil and gas fields, one has to search in areas that have a proven record of world class discoveries. Latin America and Africa offers this opportunity to PACIFICO and partners as they have some of the most active petroleum provinces in the world.

  • Partnerships with Indigenous Operators in Colombia and Nigeria has been the Key to Success
  • Good and secure investment environment
  • Operators knowledge of the country and its people
  • Excellent business & political contacts
  • Attractive investments area in line with the U.S. government’s Caribbean and South American Oil & Gas Policy Initiatives