Associates / Support

Partnerships with Indigenous Operators, in Colombia and Nigeria have been the key to success.

  • Developing Good and secure investment environment
  • Operators knowledge of the country and its people
  • Excellent business & political contacts
  • Attractive investments area in line with the U.S. government’s Caribbean and South American Oil & Gas Policy Initiatives

The Power an Experienced Local BASE Gives to PACIFICO

Foreign firms are often surprised by the administrative, operational, and political burdens of conducting business in China, but Latin America is as Complex. It is extremely difficult for even large companies to effectively penetrate those markets without an established, local partner. An experienced, well-connected advisor will save both time – months or even years – and a substantial amount of money, in the market entry and expansion process.

In China, SINOSURE is uniquely positioned to help companies fully capitalize on the tremendous opportunities in China, in Colombia we have the support of PROEXPORT .