Byogy Renewables


Byogy is a Renewable Fuel & Chemical Design and Technology company formed in August of 2006 with the primary goal to produce 100% replacement, “drop-in” fuels, requiring no infrastructure modifications. Following over 10 years of R&D efforts backed by a credible team of petrochemical engineers, agriculture experts, and experienced business entrepreneurs, Byogy has developed a breakthrough fuel platform that converts any source of ethanol, and other alcohols such as butanol, efficiently into the world’s first full replacement, advanced biofuels including gasoline, diesel and jet fuel.

Building on the successes and failures of the first two generations of alternative fuels (Fischer-Tropsch Gas-to-Liquids, FT-GTL, and HEFA (plant based oils)) adopted by ASTM, Byogy represents a leader in Alcohol-to-Jet with Aromatics, ATJ-A, the next generation of the emerging bio-fuel industry. The ATJ-A is first process that is expected to produce a full replacement, bio-jet fuel, at scale, with abundant existing global feedstock, at competitive prices. Byogy is currently the co-chair of the ASTM Alcohol-to-Jet with aromatics Task Force with certification of Alcohol-to-Jet Fuels projected for early 2015.

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