ThyssenKrupp Uhde

About The Company

In the international plant construction industry, it is essential for companies to provide first-class processes which guarantee industrial plant operators an optimum in quality and operational economy.

Not only does ThyssenKrupp Uhde promise to meet these demands, they also orientate their strategy towards expanding their presence on international markets and to adopting innovative new processes to boost our existing technology portfolio.

In addition, ThyssenKrupp Uhde has also invested in yet more on-site competence in the form of subsidiaries and international partnerships which enable them to keep up with the ever-increasing number of customers on the world market. ThyssenKrup Uhde’s special brand of corporate performance and efficiency is based on the fact that the company can offer complete production lines in many technological fields and has consequently accumulated a wealth of experience in dealing with process-related tasks.

Furthermore, their various central divisions enable them to provide additional services which include plant location selection, the arrangement of financing schemes, negotiations with authorities, plant management, maintenance, safety analyses, safety technology, training of operating personnel and project management.

Their affiliates and associates abroad work to the same quality standards as the head office in Dortmund. This ensures that any services connected with the name Uhde are synonymous with excellent quality irrespective of location.

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